Use Country Meats To Fundraise for Your FFA Community Service Project

When you need to raise money to support your FFA community service project, choose the guaranteed success of Country Meats smoked snack sticks. As longtime champions for FFA and the FFA mission, we’re here to partner with FFA chapters to help you achieve your goals. 

We’re here to help you raise the money you need to either support other community organizations or fund your own FFA service project. Whatever direction you take for your FFA community service project, Country Meats is here to help with your fundraising.

Country Meats FFA Fundraiser To Support Other Community Organizations

If your FFA chapter wants to help a local community organization as part of your service project and you need start-up funds, hold a Country Meats fundraiser. For example, let’s say that your FFA group identified a need to support local beekeepers, and you wanted to raise money to help them purchase supplies. Hosting a traditional Country Meats fundraiser, where you sell our delicious smoked pork meat sticks in person in the community, can both raise money and awareness for the importance of keeping bees. With this type of fundraiser, your FFA chapter makes $113 per case of meat sticks sold, which you can then directly donate to support beekeepers in your area. Country Meats snack sticks are the perfect fundraising food for FFA, and we give you tips for planning your fundraiser step-by-step so you’re set up for success.

Country Meats FFA Fundraiser To Support Your Service Project

On the other hand, you may need to raise your own money to support a direct service project you plan to implement in your community. Maybe you need seeds, plants, and fertilizers to build neighborhood vegetable gardens or perhaps you want to purchase locally produced foods to add to the area soup kitchen. Whatever your community service project, a Country Meats fundraiser can help you earn any initial money you need to get it up and running. You can hold a traditional fundraiser, take pre-orders, or simultaneously run an online fundraiser to boost sales and maximize profits. 

Types of Country Meats Fundraisers

  • Traditional. With this method, your FFA chapter orders the flavors of our smoked pork snack sticks that you want to sell. When they arrive, your group sets up display booths in strategic locations in the community and holds the fundraiser in person, selling directly to customers.
  • Pre-orders. If you’re not sure which flavors will sell the most, choose our pre-order fundraising option. This method allows you to print the order forms from our website and let customers pick the exact flavors and quantities they want. When your FFA chapter has all the orders, call us at 1-800-277-8989 to make the full purchase. 
  • Online fundraising. Your FFA group also has the option to hold an online fundraiser with a custom URL created through our online fundraising platform. You can run an online fundraiser by itself or simultaneously with a traditional or pre-order fundraiser to boost sales. Your customers buy straight from your URL, and we ship their tasty meat sticks to them, making this the easiest fundraiser for you. Simply promote it all over your social media, and watch the money add up in your account. 

Earning your own money for your FFA service project empowers you to be self-sufficient and helps you gain vital skills in business and entrepreneurship. These skills are helpful for future leaders and successful problem solvers, giving you added benefits when you fundraise with Country Meats.Country Meats fundraisers are an excellent choice for FFA for many reasons, especially since we’re an American, family-run agri-business with decades of experience helping nonprofits reach their fundraising dreams. Contact us today at 1 (800) 277-8989 or if you have any questions or want to learn more about FFA fundraising with Country Meats. Or, start your Country Meats FFA service project fundraiser by ordering right now.