Booster Club Fundraiser

Country Meats fundraisers work well for any academic, athletic, or school Booster Club fundraiser. Teams, clubs, and schools rely on Booster Clubs to increase engagement, participation, and support for their endeavors. An important role for any Booster Club is to raise money to fund trips, tournaments, scholarships, fees, and membership drives. 

Our smoked meat sticks are an excellent food fundraiser choice because they are 

  • Easy to carry
  • Shelf stable
  • Offer a high profit margin
  • healthier than sugar-based snacks

Your Booster Club has several ways to host a Country Meats fundraiser

  • Hold a traditional fundraiser
  • Take pre-orders
  • Use our online fundraising platform. 

Browse our 12+ delicious meat stick flavors, and choose the ones you want to sell. We make it easy for your booster to supply snack sticks that have a high demand in your community. With our online fundraising platform, your customers can order different sized variety packs as well as individual flavors. With an online fundraiser, you can cast a wider net for potential customers.

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How a Country Meats Fundraiser Works for Your Booster Club

A traditional Country Meats fundraiser allows you to keep 50% of the profit. For example, your Booster Club buys each meat stick for $.75, and sells them for $1.50 each. Your club makes $.75 for every stick sold, which totals $113.00 per case. If your boosters prefer to take orders first then make one product purchase at the end of the fundraiser, choose our pre-order option.  You still earn a 50% profit. Choosing an online fundraiser means you’ll set up an account on our platform and get a custom URL. You’ll sell directly from the URL, and we’ll ship the product for you. Booster Clubs earn $6 for each mini mix, $12 for smoked meat sticks bags, and $24 on the variety mix.

Get started with your Country Meats Booster Club fundraiser today. Create your account online, or connect with customer service at (800) 277-8989 or if you want more information. For a free sample pack, click the button below.