A Sweet (and Smoky) Success Story

Country Meats Fundraiser Helps Students Reach Their Goals

The parent-teacher association (PTA) at Madison Street Academy is no stranger to fundraising. Every year, they work throughout their Ocala, Florida community to raise funds for student programs, classroom resources, teacher appreciation luncheons, 5th grade graduation, and much more. But when COVID-19 hit, they knew they needed to find a new virtual fundraising option.

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The solution presented itself in the most unlikely of places: the local passport office. One day, when PTA member Amber Plante was waiting in line with her two sons to renew their passports, the boys spotted a display of Country Meats snack sticks and begged to try one. The verdict? Smoky, sweet, and irresistibly delicious!

Knowing the snack sticks would be a hit among students, teachers, staff, and parents, Amber and the PTA began a Contactless Fundraiser with Country Meats in October 2020. The whole process has been easy, convenient, and fun! The PTA doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket, no matter how many snack sticks are sold. Return on investment is also high, and there’s no cap on fundraising – so the sky’s the limit.

PTA members posted fliers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with their organization’s unique fundraising URL. Community members ordered through the link and got their snack sticks delivered directly to their doorstep for a completely hands-free transaction. The school also included a blurb about Country Meats (along with a QR code that linked to the PTA fundraising page) in its monthly newsletter, which was emailed to parents and printed out for students to take home.

Country Meats Fundraiser Helps Students Reach Their Goals with Online Fundraising during Covid-19 and the pandemic

While most sales happened online, local businesses also supported fundraising efforts. Amber put a Country Meats display at her chiropractic office’s front desk, so patients could enjoy a snack stick while waiting. And a local landscaping company placed a supply of snack sticks in the breakroom for hungry employees.

From October 1, 2020 through February 10, 2021, the Madison Street Academy PTA sold 2,472 snack sticks – raising $1,185 to benefit students. Their Country Meats fundraiser helped students by providing them with the resources, programs, and support needed to succeed. Given the amazing results of their Contactless Fundraiser, the PTA plans to continue partnering with Country Meats for many years to come. Everyone’s favorite part? Eating the snack sticks, of course!