Helping Scouts Soar to New Heights

Florida’s Ormond Beach Boy Scouts have relied on Country Meats since 2014 to help them raise funds for summer camp, weekend activities, and scouting materials. Fundraising with Country Meats allows all 25 Boy Scouts troop members to participate in group activities without financial limitations.

While Troop 403 has tried other fundraisers, like selling popcorn and coupon books, they’ve found Country Meats to be the most effective. That’s because the whole process is incredibly easy. “I love everything about it,” says scout mom and fundraising coordinator Lindsey Winchester. Just place your order online and Country Meats will ship your snack sticks directly to your home.

Country Meats helps Boy Scouts reach their fundraising goals quickly!

Then comes the fun part: sharing them with family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else looking to satisfy a smoky-sweet snack time craving. Scouts from Troop 403 have found success selling snack sticks around town. Lindsey says, “they usually sell themselves!” People realize they have a few quarters or dollar bills lying around and get excited to try one (or a few). Plus, with so many flavors to choose from, everyone keeps coming back for more.

Since they began working with Country Meats in 2014, the troop has sold a total of 13,518 snack sticks – raising $6,091 to fund travel for summer camp in North Carolina, scouting resources like merit badges and handbooks, community service initiatives, day trips, and more. Ultimately, the funds are a tremendous asset for scouts and their families, helping parents like Lindsey offset costs so everyone can participate in activities.

Lindsey and the troop love working with Country Meats and look forward to partnering with them for years to come. Everyone agrees, Country Meats is here to stay and won’t be “Eagling out” anytime soon.