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Why Meat Sticks Are the Ultimate Choice for Food Fundraisers

Everyone loves snacks, so it only makes sense to use this demand to help with your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. While many people are keen to help nonprofit organizations whenever possible, food fundraisers are extremely appealing because they enable supporters to put their money toward a necessity while contributing to a worthwhile cause. However, not all food fundraisers are created equal. Choosing the right food for your fundraiser can go a long way toward ensuring your ultimate success in reaching your goals. 

Meat Sticks: The Best Food to Sell for Fundraising

If you’re convinced that a snack fundraiser is the right choice for your organization, but you’re having trouble deciding exactly what food to sell, you’re in the right place. Based on our years of experience, we can confidently say that meat sticks are the ultimate choice for food fundraisers. Here’s why:

Mass Appeal

With so many allergies, food restrictions, and trendy diets, choosing a snack for your food fundraiser can feel like navigating a minefield. Most of the common food fundraising options, like pizza, candy bars, and cotton candy, fit the “junk food” bill and quickly deter many potential supporters. Meat sticks, on the other hand, each contain nine grams of protein and less than four grams of carbohydrates, and don’t contain any trans fats. Handcrafted in the US from fresh, high-quality ingredients, meat sticks from Country Meats are an easy sell to even the most health-conscious audience. And with over a dozen delicious flavors to choose from, there’s a meat stick to appeal to every appetite. 


While fundraising can be a fun and exciting experience, we can’t lose sight of the fact that the ultimate goal is to raise money for your nonprofit. That’s why it’s important to select a food for your fundraiser with a high profit margin that will help you reach your goals more quickly. Purchasing ingredients for your food fundraiser can quickly eat into your profits—especially if you’re using perishable ingredients that will spoil if they aren’t sold quickly. With a meat stick fundraiser, you purchase the meat sticks for just $0.75 each. We recommend selling the meat sticks for $1.50 each (though you can set your own pricing) which makes for a whopping 50% profit margin. At this rate, you’ll reach your fundraising goal in no time!

Country Meats food fundraisers are always a hit


When you’re planning a food fundraiser—especially if you’ll be selling to families and/or kids—affordability is imperative. Sure, you might make more money per unit selling a single tub of cookie dough for $20 than you would by selling a meat stick for $1.50, but you’ll undoubtedly sell a higher volume of meat sticks. By selling an easily affordable snack, you’ll appeal to more potential supporters, effectively increasing your total sales and earning more money for your fundraiser. 


Generally speaking, you don’t want to rely on a single fundraising event to meet your goals. If you choose a complicated snack, like nachos or hot dogs, you’ll have a hard time moving your fundraising table from location to location. But if you choose pre-packaged, easily portable meat sticks for your food fundraiser, moving your booth from the school hallway to the gymnasium for the big basketball game and then over to the auditorium for the school play will be a breeze. This means you can maximize profitability and reach your fundraising goals fast. 

Minimal Cleanup

When your food fundraising event is over, your volunteers won’t want to spend their precious time cleaning up ingredients or putting cooking equipment away. That’s why meat sticks are the perfect snack for your food fundraiser. Because each meat stick is individually wrapped, there’s minimal cleanup required after each fundraising event. Volunteers will just pack up any extras (if there are any!) into their display boxes and put signs and table decorations away until the next event—it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Flexible Options

Most food fundraisers rely solely on in-person sales, which can severely limit your pool of potential supporters and hinder sales. But with so many people living far away from their families and friends, relying on in-person sales as your sole source of fundraising income is a major mistake. Instead, choose a snack that supporters can enjoy no matter where they live. 

With a meat stick fundraiser, you have the option to create an online fundraiser, either as your sole fundraising method or in addition to a traditional fundraiser. With our online fundraising option, your group will receive a custom URL that you can share with supporters near and far. Each person simply uses that URL to place their order; we’ll ship the meat sticks directly to their homes and send you a check for your profits.

Meat stick fundraisers also provide the flexibility to expand your reach with unmanned display boxes. Place the display boxes at local establishments, like coffee shops, pizzerias, and office buildings, and earn more money toward your cause with minimal effort. You’ll be hard pressed to find another food fundraiser that offers this level of flexibility. 

Start Your Meat Stick Fundraiser

With all these compelling reasons why meat sticks are the ultimate choice for your next food fundraiser, it’s time to get started. Country Meats is the leading meat stick fundraiser provider, offering over a dozen flavors of delicious and nutritious meat sticks with an affordable price structure and easy-to-use online ordering platform. Order your free sample pack today, place your first fundraising order, or create an online account now to get started and find out for yourself why meat sticks truly are the best option for food fundraisers.