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The Essential Guide to School Fundraising and Why It Matters

Learn how students, teachers, and schools benefit from fundraisers and get started with your school fundraiser today.

What is Fundraising for Schools & How Does it Help?

Fundraising is an important part of any school’s budget and it can have a huge impact on the quality of education that students receive. It allows schools to provide additional resources, equipment, and services to their students. Fundraising also helps schools meet their financial goals, such as building new facilities or providing more scholarships for students in need. Through fundraising activities, schools can bring communities together and create a sense of belonging among its students. Additionally, fundraising provides students with valuable life skills such as budgeting, marketing, and communication. Here is a guide to school fundraising:

Here is the guide to school fundraising, from following a school's budget to funding in the quality of education that students receive.

Guide to School Fundraising Types

School fundraisers can run the gamut from a simple event, like a talent show or car wash, to selling products, like candy or meat sticks, holding a raffle at a sporting event, or hosting a formal gala. Many schools hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year, with individual sports teams, school clubs, and other groups holding their own fundraising events as well. When planning a school fundraiser, consider factors like your available time and resources, budget, and fundraising goals, as well as what would appeal most to your potential supporters. Many fundraising groups find great success selling meat sticks from Country Meats because the products are delicious, affordable, and easily portable. 

How Technology & Social Media Can Help You Reach Your School Fundraising Goals

Technology and social media have revolutionized the way we fundraise for our schools. With the right online fundraiser ideas and strategies, you can reach your fundraising goals faster than ever before.

Social media is a powerful tool to help you spread the word about your school’s fundraising efforts. You can create a dedicated page online to share your message and allow friends and family to spread the word among their networks. You can also create social media posts and ad campaigns to engage more potential donors and raise awareness about your cause.

Technology has also made it easier to manage fundraising campaigns, track progress, and measure success. With the right platform, you can quickly set up a fundraiser page online, track donations in real-time, and more. For instance, when you choose an online fundraiser with Country Meats, your group can sell the same delicious meat sticks directly to supporters near and far away. Just share your group’s custom order URL with potential supporters; as they place their orders, we’ll ship the products, collect the funds, and send you a check for the proceeds. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The Benefits of Fundraising For Schools—Investing in the Future of Our Children

When students participate in school fundraisers, not only do they benefit by raising money for their cause, but they also learn valuable life skills in the process. Fundraising collaboration between students and teachers, strengthens relationships between the two groups, and helps to create a sense of ownership in the school. Students have the opportunity to learn important skills first-hand, such as time management, communication skills, marketing, and teamwork, that can help them both academically and in their future careers. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer—Start Your School’s Fundraiser Now!

Fundraising is an essential part of any school’s success. It helps schools generate the resources they need to provide students with the best possible education and opportunities, and offers hands-on learning opportunities for students to gain valuable life skills. Set your group up for success and choose a meat stick fundraiser from Country Meats. Sign up today or request a free sample pack to learn why schools everywhere love fundraising with Country Meats.