Fundraising Tips

How to Boost Fundraiser Sales with Bundles and Custom Pricing

Learn how to use product bundles and custom pricing to attract supporters, boost sales, and reach your nonprofit’s fundraising goals more quickly.

It’s no secret: shoppers love to feel like they’re getting a deal. That’s why commercials, magazines, and online ads are chock full of limited-time-only special offers, like discounted pricing, buy-one-get-one offers, and more. Businesses large and small take advantage of promotional marketing to create a sense of urgency and encourage shoppers to commit to a purchase, and for good reason—it works! 

Now imagine if you could apply the same principles to your fundraiser. You’d probably increase sales, boost profitability, and reach your fundraising goals faster than ever, right? We think so too! That’s why Country Meats provides convenient methods for our nonprofit fundraising partners to leverage meat stick bundles and custom price points to appeal to their supporters and achieve their goals. Here’s how it works:

ways to boost fundraiser sales

Standard Meat Stick Fundraiser Pricing

First, let’s take a look at our standard pricing model (which is pretty attractive on its own). Nonprofits purchase our high-quality meat sticks for just $.75 each, and we recommend selling those same meat sticks for $1.50 each. That means 50% of the sale price goes straight toward your fundraising goal. And at just $1.50 each, that’s a pretty accessible price for most potential supporters to stomach when they’re craving a protein-packed on-the-go snack

Create a “Two-For” Bundle

While many of our nonprofit partners have found fundraising success by selling our meat sticks one at a time, creating bundles encourages each customer to purchase a higher volume, thereby helping achieve fundraising goals more quickly. One common bundling option is a two-for strategy, where nonprofits promote the product at “Two meat sticks for $3.” While this isn’t actually a discount since the meat sticks still cost $1.50 each, it creates an attractive bundle and encourages customers to purchase two meat sticks at a time. The result? Your group reaches its fundraising goal twice as fast! 

Offer Price Break Promotions

Shoppers love to get discounts, so encourage supporters to buy more with price breaks. If a single meat stick sells for $1.50, you could sell two meat sticks for $2 (an easy upsell for just about anyone), four for $5, or 10 for $12. While this strategy does reduce your profit margins depending on how deeply you choose to discount the pricing, you can easily make it up through additional volume. 

Bundle in Bulk

Small bundles, like the “two-for” deal mentioned above, are ideal for selling at sporting events, community gatherings, and other in-person events where supporters will be purchasing meat sticks for immediate consumption. But don’t let that limit your bundling options—consider creating bulk bundles for meat stick enthusiasts who want to ensure a steady supply of these delicious and nutritious snacks. Whether you offer a pack of ten meat sticks for $15, sell a bag of 24 meat sticks for $36, or customize your own quantities, you’ll keep the same 50% profit margin and appeal to your supporters, helping you reach your fundraising goals that much more quickly. Bulk bundles are particularly attractive for pre-order sales when customers are planning ahead. 

Online Fundraising Orders

When you start an online fundraiser with Country Meats, your customers automatically have access to attractive meat stick bundles. When supporters place their orders online, they have a 24 meat stick minimum per order. Supporters pay $40 for the first bag of 24 smoked meat sticks, and just $30 per additional bag placed in the same order. That means that the meat sticks actually become cheaper with each additional bag placed, encouraging cost-conscious supporters to buy in bulk (and ensuring they never run out of their favorite healthy snack).