Show Stopping Fundraising for Theater Groups with Country Meats

Bring the drama and the flavor—and the profits!—when you use a Country Meats smoked snacks sticks fundraiser to raise money for your drama club. A fantastic theater group fundraising idea, Country Meats snack sticks can help you fund a production, raise money for costume and set supplies, or build a nest egg for future shows. Whatever you need money for, selling our delicious meat sticks will help you reach your fundraising goals. We offer three types of fundraisers—a traditional fundraiser, pre-orders, and online. You can mix and match methods to make it easy for your theater group or drama club to raise money efficiently and effectively. Here’s how to set the stage for a successful theater group fundraiser using Country Meats.

What Is the Best Way To Raise Money for a Theater Group? 

The best way to raise money for a local theater group is to choose a fundraising product that sells well, get organized, then set realistic small goals that build up to the big goal. Once you have a product people want to buy (like the 12+ tantalizing flavors of Country Meats snack sticks), you can decide where you want to sell your products and how to strategically use your best salespeople. Setting up a booth outside of big box stores (with permission), at sporting events, in the lobby of a current show, or at local street markets and county fairs gets your group in a big crowd of potential customers. Once you’re all set up, then it’s showtime, baby!

Country Meats snack sticks are a perfect food fundraising product for your theater group or school drama club or department. They’re delicious, portable, very affordable, and make a handy on-the-go protein snack. Also, if you’re in a high school drama club, learning how to sell can also double as an educational acting exercise. There’s an art to selling that has the potential to be very instructive for acting fundamentals like getting into character, memorization, and improvisation.

young actress with a smile on her face as they prepare for  theater group fundraising

How Do I Raise Money for My Theater Club with Country Meats?

We offer three ways for raising money selling Country Meats snack sticks: in person with a traditional fundraiser, by taking pre-orders, or running the fundraiser online. Your theater club can choose any of these methods, or combine them for maximum reach. 

Any of these options provide an easy fundraising idea for your theater club. Some groups like to hold a traditional Country Meats fundraiser and simultaneously run one online. For theater groups, this double-up on fundraising methods could be a strategic way to boost your profits. Successful online fundraising relies on leveraging social media, which means generating compelling content. Creating engaging content to generate sales can be a super fun endeavor for theater groups. Once you create your online fundraising account with us, we’ll give you a custom URL that you can send far and wide, share on social, and email to friends and family. When people order from your URL, we ship the products directly to them for you!

With Country Meats smoked meat snack sticks, you get a high-quality, delicious, proven product. They sell well and earn money. For a traditional fundraiser, your group makes a 50% profit margin on every stick you sell. That adds up quickly, especially if you have a lot of drama club members or group members participating in the fundraiser. If you aren’t sure which flavors to order for a traditional fundraiser, holding a Country Meats pre-order fundraiser is an excellent choice. With the pre-order fundraiser, your theater group takes orders in advance, so you never have to guess which meat stick flavors will sell. The order forms print directly off our website, so there’s no extra charge for the forms. When your snack sticks arrive, delivering them in person is a smart way to network in the community and build goodwill towards your theater group.

Don’t wait in the wings for a cue—go ahead and start your show stopping theater group fundraiser with Country Meats. You can place an order today or create your online fundraising account. If you have more questions, we’re happy to help. Call us at 1 (800) 277-8989 or send an email to