Raise Money for Your FFA SAE Project with Country Meats

Whether you need seed money for a big Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) entrepreneurial project or general funds for your chapter, Country Meats makes an excellent fundraising idea for FFA members. Country Meats offers a high profit margin on a homegrown American agricultural product that aligns with the mission and vision of Future Farmers of America. Choosing a Country Meats smoked pork stick fundraiser to support your required SAE not only helps you get the money to run your project, but also connects you directly to a respected family-owned and operated agriculture business.

The Benefits of Choosing Country Meats for Your FFA SAE Fundraiser

Quality Meat Products

We’re renowned for our high-quality ingredients, starting with premium pork as the basis for each delicious meat stick. When you choose Country Meats for your FFA fundraiser, you’re not just selling any meat – you’re offering a prime selection of handcrafted, homemade smoked meat stick recipes to your supporters. Country Meats’ savory flavors also pack 9 grams of protein per stick as well as minimal or no fat, sugar, or carbs. 

Support for Agriculture

By partnering with Country Meats, you’re not just raising funds for your FFA SAE project; you’re also supporting a family-owned and operated agriculture business. We understand the value of agriculture and the impact of FFA on the next generation of American farmers and leaders in the field. We’re proud to support young people dedicated to learning about American farming, food, and natural resources.

Easy and Profitable Fundraising Options

With Country Meats, you get both online and traditional fundraising options, which gives you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits your needs. You can choose one method, combine methods to boost profits, run a limited-time fundraiser, or keep your Country Meats fundraiser ongoing throughout the year.

Online Fundraising

Take advantage of the wide reach of the internet and social media promotion by hosting a Country Meats online fundraiser. It’s easy to set up an account on our website and receive a custom URL for your specific FFA fundraiser. All you have to do is get the word out, give people your URL, and let them buy as many meat sticks as they want. We fill the orders and ship them directly to your customers. Twenty days after your first successful order, you can start requesting account payout and funding your FFA SAE project.

Traditional Fundraising

Traditional fundraising with Country Meats remains the most powerful method to engage with your local community. Set up booths at sporting events, outside local hardware, agricultural supply, or big box stores (with permission, of course!), or at your school. The personal touch of traditional fundraising can create lasting connections with your community members as well as build interest in FFA and the SAE projects they’re supporting.

Why Country Meats Is the Perfect Choice for your SAE Project

  • High profit margin. Country Meats traditional fundraisers offer a 50% profit margin, helping you earn the money you need for your SAE project quickly. You buy each stick for $.75 and sell it for $1.50. That’s $113 towards your goal per case. With online fundraising, you earn $6 per mini mix, $12 per bag of smoked meat sticks, and $24 per variety mix. Whether you’re investing in equipment, seeds, livestock, or need to cover registration fees, the funds generated with Country Meats make your FFA SAE goals more achievable. 
  • Real life experience. Your SAE project is not just a task, it’s an important hands-on learning journey. With Country Meats fundraising, you actively participate in America’s agricultural economy as both buyer and seller.
  • Customizable fundraising products. Country Meats offers customizable fundraising products with only a one case minimum purchase, meaning you can fundraise for one specific SAE or hold a bigger fundraiser to support SAEs for multiple or all of your FFA chapter members. When you place your order, you get to choose the flavors you think will sell best in your community. With Country Meats, you have control over the products you order to maximize your fundraising success.
  • Trusted reputation for successful food fundraisers. With a long history of delivering high-quality products and supporting agricultural initiatives, Country Meats has earned a trusted reputation within the FFA community. In fact, it was a local FFA chapter that asked to sell our products back in 1985, becoming our first fundraiser customers. When you choose Country Meats for your SAE project fundraiser, you’re aligning your chapter with a brand that FFA has depended on for decades.

When it comes to raising money for your FFA SAE project, Country Meats offers a winning combination of quality products, flexible fundraising options, and a commitment to supporting agriculture. Make your fundraiser a success by choosing Country Meats. Our shared passion for American agriculture makes us the ideal FFA fundraising partner, as it has since 1985. Contact us today at 1 (800) 277-8989 or if you have any questions. Or, start your Country Meats FFA SAE fundraiser by ordering today.