FFA and Country Meats: Partners in American Agriculture

When your FFA chapter chooses Country Meats for a fundraising idea, you’re supporting American agriculture while American agriculture supports you. You’re at your FFA booth, proudly raising money for your chapter, showcasing your agricultural knowledge and passion. Enthusiastic fairgoers approach your booth, drawn by the sight of affordable, delicious, protein-packed Country Meats smoked pork snack sticks. They buy, they munch, and – surprise! – they’re supporting not just your chapter, but also an American family-owned business rooted in agriculture, just like FFA.

That’s the magic of an FFA smoked meat sticks fundraiser with Country Meats. It’s more than just a fundraising idea—it’s a chance to make a meaningful connection between the future of American agriculture (you!) and a company that shares your values.

Why FFA Should Partner with Country Meats

Country Meats gives your chapter the opportunity to hold an FFA fundraiser that supports the mission and values of your organization. Country Meats isn’t a faceless corporation offering products mass produced overseas. We’re a family-run business, just like most small American farms and other agricultural businesses of interest to FFA members. We understand the dedication, hard work, and passion that goes into sourcing and producing high-quality food. That’s why we’re committed to supporting FFA chapters across the country.

Shared Values, Shared Success

By choosing Country Meats for your FFA fundraising, you’re aligning yourselves with a company that:

Country Meats Products Are More Than Just a Snack

Fundraising with Country Meats isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about participating in the heritage of American agriculture. We started the fundraising aspect of our business because, decades ago, a local Ocala, FL, FFA chapter approached us about selling our meat sticks to raise money. The partnership was so successful that we saw an opportunity to help nonprofits around the country raise money for their missions, and we’ve been working with FFA specifically since 1985!

An FFA smoked meat sticks fundraiser with us is an opportunity to:

  • Raise significant funds: Country Meats offers multiple fundraising methods with high profit margins, helping you achieve your chapter’s goals.
  • Build teamwork and communication skills: Work together to promote your fundraiser, design your display booth, manage sales, and track results, valuable skills for any future leader in American agriculture.
  • Connect with your community: Use your chapter’s involvement in agriculture to build relationships in the community and raise awareness about the importance of supporting local agri-businesses.

Country Meats is the ideal fundraising partner for FFA. Contact us today at 1 (800) 277-8989 or if you have any questions or want to learn more about the history of Country Meats and FFA. Or, start your Country Meats FFA fundraiser by ordering today. Remember, choosing Country Meats isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about partnering with a company that believes in the future of American agriculture, just like you do.