Fundraising Tips

Maximize Your Profit by Combining Online and Traditional Fundraising with Country Meats

Using Country Meats’ online fundraising and traditional fundraising methods at the same time, your organization can supercharge your profits. Combining fundraising styles means your group can reach more potential customers. Plus, the different methods also allow individuals in your organization to contribute their best talents. Some members may do well leveraging the power of social media, and others excel at achieving in-person sales. Turning your fundraiser into a hybrid event helps you make the most of online and traditional fundraising. 

Ways To Fundraise with Country Meats

Fundraising with Country Meats is simple and effective. We have decades of experience working with nonprofits to help them achieve their goals. Our delicious smoked pork meat sticks sell well, sell quickly, and offer a healthier snack alternative since they’re protein-based and low in sugar. Our smoked meat sticks are the perfect fundraising product for athletes, church groups, booster clubs, schools, and more. We offer three ways to fundraise: through traditional in-person fundraising, with pre-orders, and on our online fundraising platform. Let’s look at how combining a traditional fundraiser with online fundraising can get you to your goals faster.

Traditional Fundraising 

In traditional fundraising, you and your group choose your flavors, place your order, and start selling the products when our tasty smoked pork sticks arrive. We’ll include free posters and display boxes at your request, and we offer plenty of tips for setting up a booth as well as downloadable marketing materials like flyers and social media posts on our community Facebook group. You and your top sellers are out in community locations drumming up business for your nonprofit fundraiser. You sell each snack stick for $1.50 and keep $.75—that’s a 5o% profit margin! 

Traditional fundraising is an excellent method for people in your organization who enjoy networking, being personable with supporters, and closing a sale. It’s also a great way to bring your group together and get to know each other better. If your organization includes multiple generations, a traditional, in-person fundraiser can be an excellent opportunity for seasoned adults to coach young people in sales techniques.

Online Fundraising

With a Country Meats online fundraiser, your group creates a private online account on our platform and receives your own custom URL once you’re approved. As soon as you have your personal fundraising URL, you can start getting the word out online via emails, enewsletters, and social media. Share your custom fundraising link as far and wide as you can, and each time someone orders from your link, your nonprofit gets credit for the sale. We fulfill the orders and ship them to your customers, so a Country Meats online fundraiser is about as easy as it gets for moving products and counting profits. 

As a virtual fundraising idea, this method is a fantastic opportunity for the people in your organization who excel in the digital space. People who have successful social media accounts are indispensable resources to draw attention to your fundraising goals. A Country Meats online fundraiser can also give people in your organization who aren’t comfortable with social media a chance to learn from the people in your organization who are.

Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Fundraiser with Online and Traditional Sales

Combining a traditional fundraiser with an online one creates a one-two punch sure to knock out your goals in no time. We have created a printable file for you to give to your in-person supporters. Just add your QR code and they can easily order from your Country Meats online shop and help you raise even more money.

Hybrid fundraising gives you access to more people while giving your members several ways to participate in raising the money. Our eight tips for successful fundraising apply to both traditional and online methods, and the success of your fundraiser lies in planning—especially if you’re divvying up who is going to work the traditional fundraiser and who your ringers are for promoting the fundraiser online. When you’re making sales from two sources, particularly a source as rich as the internet, you greatly increase your chances of success.

If you have questions about running traditional and online Country Meats fundraisers simultaneously, give us a call at 1 (800) 277-8989 or send an email to We’ll be happy to chat and get you on the way to making the most of fundraising with Country Meats.