FFA Fundraising With Country Meats FAQs

Get your FFA chapter’s questions answered about fundraising with Country Meats. We offer high profit margins, quality products, and a commitment to agriculture. We’ve been a trusted fundraising partner for FFA since 1985!

There are lots of FFA fundraising ideas. Why should we choose Country Meats?

Country Meats smoked pork snack sticks are the perfect choice for FFA because they are delicious, affordable, offer a high profit margin, and are produced by a family-owned agri-business in Ocala, FL. Our meat sticks are packed with lean meat protein from high-quality pork we source ourselves. Each flavor is one we created, perfecting each recipe for maximum taste so customers want to buy and buy again. Choose Country Meats snack sticks for your chapter or as a great fundraising product for your FFA SAE as well! 

How much can our FFA chapter make selling Country Meats smoked pork snack sticks?

In a traditional fundraiser, when you sell in person, you buy each stick for $.75 and sell it for $1.50, keeping 50% of the profit—that’s $113 for every case you sell! If you choose an online fundraiser, you’ll keep $6 per mini mix, $12 per bag of smoked meat sticks, and $24 per variety mix on orders placed with the custom URL you create on our website. With Country Meats, you can run both fundraisers at the same time, maximizing your profits and reaching your goals faster. Your FFA group also has the option of running an online fundraiser all year long, so you have a steady source of income for your projects.

What is the minimum order for a Country Meats fundraiser?

One case of meat sticks is the minimum order for a Country Meats fundraiser. That’s it! Each case includes six bags of 24 smoked snack sticks each (for 144 total sticks) with an added 10 free sticks to offset shipping costs, bringing the grand total of sticks per case to 154. Each of the six bags can be a different flavor, so mix and match flavors to get a case of meat sticks you know will sell well in your community.

What if we don’t know what kind of meat sticks to order for our FFA fundraiser?

If you aren’t sure which Country Meats snack stick flavors to order for your FFA fundraiser, don’t worry! We have a pre-order fundraising method specifically for groups that need to take individual orders instead of purchasing cases in advance. So, if you’re not sure which products will sell the best in your community, simply set up an account with us, then print out downloadable order forms from our website, and start getting orders. Once you’ve hit your goal, compile the orders, purchase the products by calling us at 1-800-277-8989, and then hand deliver our delicious meat sticks. This method makes for a strategic way to build relationships in your community as well as raise awareness for FFA’s mission.

Our FFA chapter is looking for a fundraising product that supports American agriculture. Are Country Meats snack sticks made in the USA?

Absolutely! In fact, we’ve been a family-owned and operated business in Ocala, FL, since day one. It was our local FFA chapter that got us into the meat stick fundraiser business, so FFA and Country Meats have been partners in supporting American agriculture for almost 40 years!

Where can we get more information about FFA fundraising with Country Meats snack sticks?

Our website is full of information about fundraising with Country Meats, and our general FAQ page includes more details about nutrition information, payment options, shipping, and tracking your orders. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, live chat, or email—all linked at the top of our web pages.

If you’re ready to start your FFA chapter’s Country Meats fundraiser, order now by following the easy step-by-step process. If you have any questions or want other information, reach out to us at 1 (800) 277-8989 or If your FFA group has never held a Country Meats fundraiser, we encourage you to order a free sample pack of our most popular flavors. You’ll immediately taste the Country Meats difference!