Maximizing FFA Fundraising Profits with Country Meats

Fundraising with Country Meats smoked meat snack sticks gives FFA several ways to maximize profits to reach goals faster. You get a high profit margin, low minimum order, and are able to set up multiple revenue streams for the same fundraiser.

Country Meats: Maximizing Profits with an FFA Food Fundraiser

When your FFA chapter fundraises with Country Meats, you have three options for how you can run the fundraiser: as a traditional, in-person fundraiser, by taking pre-orders, or online. Any way you choose, your FFA group gets an outstanding return on investment! 

With a traditional fundraiser, your FFA chapter has a minimum order of one case, but you’ll earn a 50% profit margin no matter what. You buy each Country Meats smoked pork snack stick for $.75, then sell it for $1.50. Each case sold puts $113 towards your financial goal. A pre-order fundraiser earns the same profits. With an online fundraiser, your chapter earns $6 per mini mix, $12 per bag of smoked pork sticks, and $24 per variety mix. You don’t put up any money in advance for an online fundraiser, so every one of those dollars goes straight into your Country Meats account. Cha-ching!

Traditional and Online Fundraising Together Make a Great FFA Fundraising Idea

Our mission at Country Meats is to help your FFA chapter raise the money you need to support your members and their work in the community. One huge benefit of raising money with Country Meats is that your chapter can run multiple fundraising methods at the same time. To maximize your profits, you can hold a traditional fundraiser while also running an online fundraiser, netting more sales across a potentially enormous market. We like to give you this option so you have an opportunity to sell as many meat sticks as possible and make more money faster.

Money-Making Tips for FFA Chapters Selling Country Meats

We consider ourselves a partner in your fundraiser and not just a product supplier. Over the years, we’ve discovered some money-making tips that will be helpful for your FFA chapter. 

  • Coach FFA members on Country Meats’ selling points. Informed sellers are top sellers. We make it super easy for FFA members to understand why Country Meats snack sticks are the perfect fundraising food and the ideal product for FFA.
  • Offer various payment options. The days of cash-or-check-only food fundraisers are long gone. Most people now prefer to pay with cards or digitally, so make sure you’re able to take these payment methods. Setting up a card reader or payment app is simple, and it will make it much easier for everyone to buy.
  • Run your online fundraiser all year. We know FFA chapters stay busy with a packed event calendar, so consider running your online fundraiser all year long. Even if you only have a limited amount of time to raise money in person, your Country Meats online fundraiser comes with a unique URL that’s active until you close it. Customers can order from this URL all year long—plus, we fill the orders and ship them directly, so it’s a hassle-free income source for your FFA chapter.
  • Create bundles. Bundling our delicious smoked pork snack sticks and selling them as a pack adds up. For example, create a “hot ‘n’ spicy” bundle of our four most popular spicy meat sticks, then sell it for $6. The profit margin is the same, but you’re moving more products, getting to your goal faster. 
  • Leverage social media for promotion. Great content on social is an excellent sales tool for online fundraisers and traditional ones! If you have any FFA members who excel at getting likes and shares, let them get creative and get a buzz going online about your fundraiser.
  • Market, market, market! Getting the word out is crucial for a successful fundraiser. We offer tips for creating attractive display booths as well as designing an effective marketing flyer. Plus, we’ll give you free display boxes and posters at your request. Reach out to your local news and school news for press coverage, especially if your fundraiser supports your FFA members’ SAE or community service projects!

Start your FFA chapter’s Country Meats fundraiser today by ordering now. Or, if you have questions or need more detailed information, reach out to us at 1 (800) 277-8989 or