Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tip: Offer Customers Various Payment Options

One of the best fundraising strategies is to make it easy for customers to buy the product. Sell even more of our meat sticks by accepting different forms of payment.

Country Meats fundraisers are successful because people love our products, and they’re fun to sell. Maximize profits by making it as easy as possible for customers to buy by offering different fundraising payment options.

enable card sales and digital pay apps as quick and easy fundraising payment options

Enable card sales and digital pay apps as quick and easy pay options for in-person customers

If you’re running an in-person fundraiser and plan to have a booth set up at an event, enabling a mobile card reader, such as a Square, and activating common digital pay apps like PayPal means quick and easy purchases for customers who don’t have cash. Fewer and fewer people carry cash these days, so opening your pay options to credit card sales and digital pay apps like Apple Pay and Venmo is smart fundraising business. 

The Federal Reserve reported that 76% of consumers in 2022 preferred paying by debit or credit cards for in-person purchases, compared to 19% who preferred paying with cash. Consumers in the 18-34 demographic are most likely to use mobile pay options.  If your Country Meats display is set up outside of a grocery store, dance recital, sporting event, or other high-traffic area for adults, having a card reader and at least one popular digital pay app boosts revenue. Convenience is key to ringing up sale after sale, so making these options available to customers increases the likelihood that they’ll buy. 

A few quick business notes about card readers and mobile pay apps: These services typically charge user fees, with the service taking a small percentage of each sale. Most mobile pay apps require that fundraisers set up a charity account instead of a personal account for tax purposes, and Square readers require a Social Security number to set up an account. Keep in mind that federal laws like FERPA, COPPA, and CAN-SPAM protect the collection of student information, and not all mobile pay apps are compliant. Some platforms like Cheddar Up or FutureFund may work better for your Country Meats fundraiser if you know you’ll be selling primarily to students, since they were created specifically for schools. Do plenty of research to find the best mobile pay app for your fundraiser so you get the best user fee rate and stay in compliance with student information privacy laws.

Choose Country Meats online fundraising options to make purchasing convenient and easy for customers.

An increasingly cashless world also means that offering a Country Meats online fundraiser gives your customers the ultimate control and convenience. Our online fundraisers are easy to set up and simple to manage. All you have to do is create an account with us, then share the URL we create for you as far and wide as possible. Add free social media promotion to your Country Meats fundraiser and voilà! Customers click the link and purchase our delicious meat sticks online. The money goes into your fundraising account. It couldn’t be easier.

Country Meats fundraisers remain one of the most popular and rewarding options out there for your organization, school, or program. It’s easy to boost sales by providing multiple pay options. We’re here to help you set up your fundraiser and offer resources to make it as successful as possible. Reach out to us through the live chat on this website, give us a call at 1 (800) 277-8989, or send an email to