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Top 5 Selling Points for Your Country Meats Fundraiser

Knowing the best selling points of our meat sticks helps you make the most of your Country Meats fundraiser. If you’re hosting your first meat sticks fundraiser or are coaching kids on how to sell or market with confidence, use these top 5 features of our products to entice buyers and attract repeat customers.

  1. High in Protein

Country Meats snack sticks contain 9 grams of protein, which is a decent little burst of fuel, especially compared to the empty calories of sugary fundraising foods like donuts or cookies. Since many of today’s diets focus on protein, letting your potential customers know that their favorite flavors of Country Meats products are a complete protein makes them more appealing. 

  1. Low in Sugar

Country Meats snack sticks are an easy fundraising idea that has a high rate of success, especially if you focus on the fact that our meat sticks have low or no sugar content. We’re transparent about the nutritional facts of our products, and you’ll see that most of our meat sticks have less than a gram of sugar, and only a few options go up to three grams of sugar per stick. Compared to the 10 grams of sugar in one donut, our meat sticks make a much healthier choice for the afternoon snack attack, pre-practice energy boost, or stuck-in-traffic munchable. Buyers looking for a low-sugar alternative will appreciate the delicious Country Meats snack stick.

Top 5 Selling Points for Your Country Meats Fundraiser
  1. Affordable

Country Meats snack sticks give your customers a lot of bang for their buck. You can sell our sticks for $1.50 apeice or 2/$3.00, which is a very attractive price point, especially if you’re selling at a school or in front of a big box store that draws a diverse customer base. Everybody can afford a tasty Country Meats snack stick or two!

  1. Portable

Our delicious meat sticks can fit in a pocket, a purse, a backpack, a glove box, or a laptop bag. They’re about as easy to take with you as a snack can get. Vacuum-wrapped, Country Meats products never run the risk of bursting open like a bag of chips, or getting crushed like donuts or cookies. Our snack sticks’ portability makes them super appealing to people on the go.

  1. Quick & Satisfying Snack

A lot of people are looking for a quick and satisfying snack to have on hand during the day, and our meat sticks check both boxes. Pointing this out to potential customers is an easy, effective way to help sell the products and raise money towards your fundraising goal. Parents can stash several Country Meats snack sticks in purses and pockets to distribute when kids start getting hungry before mealtime, and coaches can have them at games and practices as a protein boost for athletes. 

Any way you look at it, Country Meats snack sticks make an excellent choice for your nonprofit fundraiser, and they’re attractive to a wide range of people. Use these top selling points to help people understand why they should purchase our meat sticks from your organization. If you have any questions, or want to start a Country Meats fundraiser for your nonprofit organization, we’d be happy to hear from you. Call us at 1 (800) 277-8989 or send us an email to