Fundraising Tips

Country Meats Snack Sticks: A Jolly Christmas Fundraising Idea

Country Meats is an excellent Christmas fundraising idea for schools, churches, and civic clubs looking to raise money for their organization or others during the holidays. Our fundraisers are proven successes, and we’d be happy to partner with your school, church, or other organization to raise money for charities, service projects, shelters, community improvements, and more. The Christmas season is a time for giving and helping others, so make your Christmas season fundraiser easy on yourself by choosing our smoked meat sticks. They’re a fundraising product people want to buy, plus they give you a high profit margin so you can reach your goals faster.

Country Meats Makes a Unique Christmas Fundraising Idea for Schools

Enjoy a fresh take on the holiday fundraiser by choosing Country Meats’ delicious smoked meat sticks. Our snack sticks are portable, shelf stable, affordable, and packed with protein, so they make a fantastic, universal product that is unique to the holiday season yet relevant for the whole year. 

Christmas fundraising ideas for schools using Country Meats:

  • Make Country Meats “wreaths” in different sizes by gluing or stapling several different flavors in a circle. Add a bow, ribbon, or holly for a festive touch. With 12+ tantalizing flavors, mixing and matching our products can be a fun activity for schools to make and sell. Different sized wreaths mean you can create custom price points to boost sales.
  • Sell Country Meats snack sticks as a holiday food donation drive for organizations looking for portable, protein rich snacks for their local homeless shelter or community center. Your school earns the profits, then donates the snack sticks to a shelter, food pantry, or any organization that feeds the hungry in your area. 
  • Sell Country Meats at the seasonal school play or winter carnival.
  • Package different Country Meats flavors into targeted gift bundles for dads, coaches, teachers—anyone who needs and enjoys quick on-the-go protein snacks.
  • Sell Country Meats snack sticks as part of your Holiday Grams or bundle them in packs of 12 and sell them as the perfect gift. We offer free printables for both of these options.

Using Country Meats snack sticks, schools can fundraise for themselves for the Christmas season or present a creative fundraiser for charities in the community.

Country Meats Snack Sticks: plus Christmas fundraising ideas

Country Meats Christmas Fundraisers for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations

We know that churches, youth groups, and civic clubs dedicate time during the Christmas season to raise money for charities and help others. Selling our smoked meat snack sticks is an easy fundraising idea for holiday giving.

How churches and other non-profits can fundraise with Country Meats:

  • Use Country Meats meat sticks to raise money for charities like domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, group foster homes, and food pantries.
  • Use our snack sticks to raise money for service projects like Habitat for Humanity, local animal shelters and rescues, church group missions, and community improvement projects. 
  • Partner with local homeless shelters or holiday food drives to host a Country Meats donation drive. Your group sells the sticks as donations, so you can raise money and ensure that hungry children and adults in your community will have vacuum-sealed, protein-based snack sticks to carry with them throughout the year.

Country Meats is here to help you have a successful Christmas season fundraiser. Joy and giving are important to us all year long, and we’re especially happy to be part of holiday generosity. To get started with your Christmas season fundraiser, start your account online today. Or, if you have more questions, give us a call at (800) 277-8989 or send an email to Happy holidays from the Country Meats family to yours!