12 Days of Scrumptious Fundraising Idea

The holidays are the season of giving, so it’s a great time to raise money for your organization. Since our Boo Grams idea was so successful for so many of you, we have another free printable and fundraising idea to bring in extra profit and we call it 12 Days of Scrumptious.

Amy, from MTL Cub Scout Pack 15 in NJ, reached out to us with an idea that we loved so much, we had to share it. Amy said that her troop was planning on selling Country Meats snack sticks as a bundle of 12. Of course, we had to create a printable for you to go along with those 12 snack sticks.

12 Days of Scrumptious - a fundraising idea for your non profit organization

When you host a Country Meats fundraiser, you’re earning at least $.75 per stick when your organization sells them for $1.50 each. Our Holiday gift for you this year is a way for you to increase your profit to $1.33 per stick or $16 per bundle sold! All you need is a printer, the 12 Days of Scrumptious printable file we’ve created for you, rubber bands and some ribbon.

The 12 Days of Scrumptious bundle is perfect for Scouts, dance, cheerleading and athletic teams, school, church and theater groups, booster clubs and any non-profit organization. The bundle can be purchased by your supporters for themselves, to give as a gift, or both!

This idea can work two different ways: You can pre-sell bundles of 12. Have your supporters choose the 12 flavors they want, order the sticks, create the bundles and deliver them before the holidays.

Or, you can create the bundles with a variety of flavors and sell them at your next meeting or event. We recommend charging $25 per bundle, instead of $18, which will give you an additional $7 in profit per bundle sold. Of course, the price is up to you.

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed to create a holiday fundraiser

How to Put Together Your 12 Days of Scrumptious Bundle

steps to create this fundraising idea with Country Meats meat sticks
  • Download the 12 Days of Scrumptious Printable PDF file and save it to a folder you’ll easily remember. Next, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and print as many as you need. We recommend using cardstock paper as it’s sturdier, but you can also use regular printer paper if that’s what is available to you.
  • Cut out each card. There are four per page.
  • Punch holes in each card.
  • Place a rubber band around 12 Country Meats snack sticks.
  • Place a ribbon flat on your table, place the bundle of snack sticks on top of that ribbon, place the card on top and pull each side of the ribbon through the punched hole.
  • Tie the ribbon into a bow.

What’s next? 

Country Meats snack sticks make a great stocking stuffer

Place an order for Country Meats snack sticks today so you have them in time for the holidays. 

If you think your customers would prefer something smaller, check out our Holiday Grams printable. Or, you could always offer both!

Choose from our 12+ mouthwatering flavors. We recommend choosing some of our best sellers: Sweet BBQ, Original Smoked Hickory and Bold Teriyaki.

If you have questions or aren’t sure where to start, we’re always here to help. Call us at 1 (800) 277-8989 or send an email to