Volunteer Fire Department Fundraising with Country Meats

Selling Country Meats smoked pork snack sticks is an easy idea for volunteer fire department fundraising. Finding the perfect balance between profitability, community appeal, and simplicity is crucial: Enter Country Meats—the ideal choice for firehouses that need funds and want to offer a high-quality fundraising product to the community.

Why Country Meats is the Best Choice for Fire Department Fundraising

Unmatched Profitability

Country Meats stands out as a top choice for firehouse fundraisers because we offer profitability and versatility. With a traditional Country Meats fundraiser, you pay $.75 for each meat stick and sell it for $1.50, a 50% profit margin. High profit margins mean each sale adds up quickly, contributing to the firehouse budget and fundraising goals. Our delicious meat sticks fundraiser helps support essential firehouse and firefighter needs like equipment upgrades, training programs, and community outreach initiatives. 

Our online fundraising option lets you create a custom URL through our platform, so your firehouse can keep the fundraiser going year ‘round. For every mini mix sold, you keep $6, and you earn $12 per bag of smoked meat sticks sold through your custom URL. You make $24 per order of the variety mix. Plus, we handle the orders and shipping. Fundraising for your volunteer fire department doesn’t get any easier!

Wide Community Appeal

Firehouses play a central role in communities, and Country Meats’ delicious smoked pork meat sticks cater to a wide audience, making them a perfect partner for volunteer firefighters. The products are tasty, satisfying, and a healthier choice compared to many other snacks. Country Meats smoked meat sticks are a fundraising option that resonates with supporters of all ages. With our meat stick snacks, you get a successful and inclusive fundraising campaign known to create repeat customers and appeal to almost everyone.

Simple and Easy Fundraising with Country Meats

Hassle-Free Implementation

Implementing a Country Meats fundraiser for your volunteer fire department is a straightforward process. With customizable options and full support from the Country Meats team, organizing and launching a successful campaign becomes an easy task. For a traditional, in-person fundraiser, simply start an order. We’re happy to provide complimentary display boxes and posters at your request. Or, if you want to do your own marketing and promotion, we have tips for fundraising success, how to set up a winning display booth, and designing effective advertising flyers.

Bundling for Better Sales

For added sales appeal, consider bundling Country Meats’ spicy meat sticks. The variety of heat levels offers customers exciting choices, and custom pricing on bundles boosts profitability for the fire department.

Sample Country Meats bundle ideas for firefighter fundraisers:

Country Meats smoked pork meat stick fundraisers balance profitability, community appeal, and ease of implementation. We’re a fantastic fundraising idea that not only supports the firehouse but also gives you and your customers a high-quality, protein packed product that tastes great. Contact us today at 1 (800) 277-8989 or if you have questions about Country Meats products. Order a free sample pack to try our products before committing to a full fundraiser for your volunteer fire department. Or, if you’re ready, start your order today.