Fundraising Tips

Easy Spring Fundraising Idea with Country Meats

If your school, church, or nonprofit needs an easy spring fundraising idea, choose the convenience and profitability of Country Meats smoked snack sticks. Fundraising with us is simple, straightforward, and everybody loves the delicious taste of our flavor-packed smoked pork meat sticks. Country Meats products practically sell themselves, giving you a hassle-free experience and money for your event, mission, or cause.

Country Meats Spring Fundraising for Schools, Churches, and Nonprofit Organizations

As spring approaches, so does the excitement of planning fundraisers for schools, churches, and nonprofits. Whether you’re a school that needs to support student activities, a church with plans for good works projects, or a nonprofit seeking ways to fund your programs, Country Meats is the perfect fundraising partner for you.

Schools Spring Fundraising

  • Fuel the Fun: Spring is bursting with events – field trips, sports tournaments, and graduation celebrations. Keep your students, parents, and teachers energized with protein-packed Country Meats snack sticks. Our convenient, individually wrapped sticks are ideal for on-the-go protein snacks, providing a much-needed boost during busy spring days. Plus, with over 12 mouthwatering flavors, from Sweet BBQ to Pickle Stick to Ghost Fire, there’s something for every taste bud.
  • Make Learning Count: Turn fundraising into a hands-on learning experience! Integrate marketing and sales strategies into your curriculum, spark entrepreneurial spirit, and teach valuable budgeting and teamwork skills. Students can design flyers, manage orders, and proudly showcase their fundraising achievements. 
  • Simple Success: A traditional Country Meats smoked pork sticks fundraiser requires minimal prep and logistics. Simply order your cases, set up a sales booth at school events, and watch the profits roll in. You purchase each stick for $.75, but sell them at $1.50 apiece, making a 50% profit—that’s $113 per case towards your goal. Spring fundraising just got a whole lot easier.
an easy spring fundraising idea

Churches & Country Meats

  • Share the Flavor: Springtime is a season of celebration – Easter, community gatherings, and outreach programs. Share the joy of getting together in good weather with delicious Country Meats smoked snack sticks, a unique and tasty way to raise funds while fostering community spirit and fellowship. Sell them at church social events and after services to reach your Spring fundraising goals. 
  • Fuel Your Mission: Whether you’re supporting local families, building houses of worship, or funding church youth programs, every dollar counts. A Country Meats fundraiser provides a quick and efficient way to reach your fundraising goals. With a 50% profit margin on every stick, you can make significant strides quickly, and adding an online fundraiser to your traditional fundraiser boosts sales even more.
  • Simple and Satisfying: Church volunteers stay busy all year ‘round, but especially during the spring. A Country Meats fundraiser is designed for success with minimal effort, maximizing your church volunteers’ time. No cooking, no cleanup, just convenient, pre-packaged smoked pork sticks made from a family business in Ocala, FL. Simply set up a table at church events, spread the word, and let our delicious meat sticks sell themselves.

Nonprofits & Country Meats

  • Make a Difference, One Bite at a Time: Every cause deserves to be championed. With a Country Meats fundraiser, you can raise awareness and funds for your mission, one tasty bite at a time. Offer our smoked pork meat sticks for sale at community events, partner with local businesses, or set up an online fundraiser – the possibilities are endless. Let your supporters show their love for your cause while they enjoy our delicious, protein-packed meat sticks.
  • Spark Engagement, Drive Results: A successful fundraiser needs buzz. Country Meats snack sticks are guaranteed conversation starters because our unique, robust flavors tend to pique everyone’s interest, leading to organic marketing and word-of-mouth promotion. Watch your customers become your best brand ambassadors, spreading the word and boosting your fundraising efforts.
  • Stress-Free Fundraising Freedom: Country Meats fundraisers offer flexibility and ease. We offer a one case minimum order, and you can mix and match flavors to create the perfect case that will sell well in your area. We also have a built-in platform for an online fundraiser so you can boost sales with a wide reach. Tailor your Country Meats fundraiser to your needs and timeframe, all while enjoying the freedom to focus on what matters most – your mission.

This spring, go with the taste of sweet (and savory!) success from a Country Meats fundraiser. Our exciting flavors, ease of operation, and generous profit margins ensure you’ll raise funds and smiles in equal measure. Contact us today at 1 (800) 277-8989 or if you have any questions. Or, start your Country Meats spring fundraiser by ordering today.